day thirty-one

one month down...i can hardly believe it! the first thirty-one days of this adventure in dressing have been quite memorable. among other things, together my dress and i have:

stumbled towards the path of enlightenment
* survived a near-death experience with childproof devices
* tried to break a bad habit
made an achievable new year's resolution
* tried to get out more
* put my heart out there and shared the inspiration behind this project
* attained superhuman strength or something resembling it
* built a fort
* given my first offical haircut
* and, most importantly, i have received two generous monetary donations so far as well as some pre-loved accessories! thank you so much!

i would guess that i have already worn about 70-80% of my wardrobe items. yes, i have repeated some items, but i am not a hollywood actress; i don't have just one outfit per appearance. (but i'm pretty sure i could muster up a pretty realistic horror movie scream for you sometime, if you'd like.)

this dress has been both indoors and out. it has heard both happy and horrible news. it has survived both a hangover and been peed on. it has been washed and dried and more than earned itself in cost-per-wears. it has been both loved and gotten bored of. it has received both support and confused looks. it has inspired a blog and a girl to do some good to the best of my ability.
are you getting tired of any of the repeats? if so, feel free to contact me at to donate any items or accessories that you are no longer in need of or have handmade so i can get some enjoyment out of them and showcase them here.

and since, most importantly, this is a charity project for almost home, if you have been getting any sort of enjoyment from these daily postings, please consider a donation in any amount for this project. just use the easy paypal link at the top of the home page or email me for further information.

thanks for following along on my adventure in dressing!

today's look while out for a jog (yeah, right):

striped top under dress: value village, about five months old ($7)
jeans: value village, about five months old ($20)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total: