day twenty-nine

since when did my handbag become the size of a small carry-on suitcase? that's what i refer to it as, by the way, my suitcase. it used to be i'd carry a purse around the size of a small pencil case. then, the mini knapsack came into style so i had one of those. you know, they were the size of a mitten and sat like a tiny target on the small of your back. at least i skipped out on the fanny pack trend. but somehow in the past couple of years, the handbag size has increased monumentally and now i'm lugging half of my house contents around with me.

at the moment, i have in my bag right now, among many, many other items: a ball of wool (but nothing to knit with), a picture book, seven containers of lip balm, a gazillion old receipts, a partially-made mobile, a tape measure, two baby toothbrushes, a bag of broken crackers (so basically some breadcrumbs), and enough band-aids that were i to accidentally amputate my arm, there would be more than enough there to cover me until i reached the hospital.

too bad let's make a deal isn't still on tv. i would have totally won some cash.

today's look while blocking old produce on the porch:

white sweatshirt: stitches, about three months old ($7)brown pants: secondhand (free)
winter boots (not visible): aldo from last year (about $75)grand total:
about $82.08


Anonymous said...

what, no wallet in there?

Anonymous said...

You don't need a wallet if you don't have money.