day twelve

so have you noticed that i am rarely ever wearing shoes in these pictures? ever wonder why? well, it's because i don't get out much. i am surrounded by walls that like to be climbed. in socks, apparently. it's not that i don't want to get out more, it's more an economical thing having to do with the fact that we only have one car. oh yes, and we live in the middle of nowhere. well, compared to cities. with people. and things to look at besides trees.

okay, it's not like i never get out, it's just i don't get out often. sure, i trawl around the woods (sometimes even looking for johnny depp) or sometimes i even walk up and down the street or perhaps to the mailbox! but it's not quite the same as going out, going out. i'm trying to get a new perspective, though. in the city, we used to go to bars! work! shops! in the past week, i have gone to the following places: a doctor's clinic and a produce place. sound boring? well, the doctor's visit wasn't in a building, it was on a bus! yeah, like a caravan - but with nurses! and the produce place wasn't a grocery store, it was an old schoolhouse filled with fridges filled with meat and vegetables and tea!

so, i may not get out much anymore, but at least when i do, it sure feels like some crazy trip.

today's look while pretending to read is made up of:

black turtleneck under dress: old navy about four years old ($15)

black pants: gifted (free)
beaded necklace: gifted and made by charlene downey, funky maven (free)

grand total:
about $15.08