day fourteen

so, it's been two weeks now! hard to believe. here are some related thoughts to my experiment so far:

wow, i own a lot of brown clothes.
* i also own a crap load of black ones.
* wearing brown and black together so much kind of makes me feel like luke skywalker. (but it might be someone else. i don't know. i hate star wars).
* kind of getting bored of the dress already, but remaining optimistic! only 24 weeks to go!
* oh, why the heck did i just count?
* i am already running out of ideas.
* but i will persevere!
* but really, really wishing i chose a more interesting dress.
* it really is quite simple. and brown. and simple.
* taking pictures of yourself every day is really weird and not especially pleasant.
* posting them to the internet for everyone to see is even weirder.
* maybe i should really think more about what i'm saying before i start rambling all over the internet.

that's all. thanks so much for following along! if, in fact, you did.
today's look while doing mundane activities:

green tank top: can't remember which shop, but bought 8 months ago ($30)
jeans: stitches, about four years ago ($30)

grand total:

about $60.08