day twenty-eight

today was a monumental day. a once-in-a-lifetime event took place. a moment so big it can only be re-enacted but never repeated.

that's right, tonight we cut tenzin's hair for the first time.

this hair had a personality all of its own; after all, it was nearly 20 months old. it was hair that begged not to be ignored. intrigued shopkeepers and grocery store workers and liquor store employees and passersby on the street would all stop and comment. exclamations of "look at the curls!" to "oh my, where did he get that hair from?" to, more recently, "oh my, that must be a little girl...just look at all of those beautiful curls!" tenzin is a boy. dressed head to toe in boy clothes.

but this wasn't the impetus behind the haircut - it was the tangles. having had similar hair myself at his age, i know full well what the knotted masses feel like when trying to be untangled. no more tears, my ass. those things hurt, so i basically stopped brushing his hair months ago, resulting in little dreaded knots at the back of his head where it kissed the pillow every night. little dreads and curls that i took the scissors to tonight while The Husband did distraction tactics of reading tenzin his favourite book. and surprisingly, it all turned out great. no tears, no screaming, and no squirming akin to the task of giving a cat a bath as i'd been previously warned. nope, just ten minutes of the occasional curious glance to see what was going on up there and some happy squeals and pointing when it was all over seeing what was once on top of his head now scattered on the floor below.

and i realized the best part about curls...they do an impressive job of hiding an uneven haircut given by a scissor-wielding mother with no experience.


today's look while trying to hide my fangs:

black shirt under dress: next exit, about seven years old ($45)
black dress under dress: old navy about two years ago ($30)

green tie around waist: from shirt my sister made me (free)
black tights: (about $15)

grand total:
about $90.08


Anonymous said...

What? No photos of 'The Hair' on the floor?? Photos please for The Grandparents of the new look!