day eleven

i heard recently that only about 5% of people's new year's resolutions are completed. that's why this year, i have resolved to do something that i know i will be able to fulfill: to be equally (if not more - aim high!) klutzy.

over my lifetime, the following events stand out:

* i was daydreaming and walked straight into a tree
* i did one of those silly little jumps at the end of a cartwheel and sprained my ankle
* i cut my hand on an orange juice can and had to go to the hospital
* i tried to do a nadia comaneci imitation and nearly broke my back
* i was sprawled on the floor during a job interview when the chair i was sitting on collapsed under me
* i have been electrocuted more than once
* i fell down an entire set of concrete stairs

hmmmm...some of these might be hard to outdo. especially the gymnastic ones, since last time i tried to cartwheel, i think i pulled something i didn't know i had.


today's look while defying bad luck is made up of:

purple turtleneck: jacob connexion about three years ago
black knee socks: gifted (free)

grand total:
about $15.08