day nineteen

i've decided to change the rules. well, one rule. i know i said rules are made to be broken (just not these ones), but as it turns out, i was wrong and rules really are made to be broken after all. i'm changing my mind. i'm indecisive as well as a complete klutz. it's just part of my dna.

so rule number two is outta here. i am no longer allowing myself a personal allowance for non-essentials. i am broke and, upon reflection, i agree that a big point of this adventure is to get use out of what i already currently own. i also believe in the power of the internet, so i am going to have faith that you, the readers, will donate items or accessories you no longer find useful. either that, or you're just going to have to put up with seeing me in the same stuff for another few months. remember, i will give full credit here and a link to your website (if you wish) if you donate something. email me at if you would like to offload anything and see it here getting new appreciation in the future.

i have decided to donate what would have been my personal allowance to almost home at the end of this project.


today's look while not knowing if i'm coming or going:

beige sweater over dress: winners, about nine months old ($9)
jeans: stitches, about four years old ($30)
brown boots: zellers, two months old ($20)

grand total:
about $59.08


The Husband said...

Good thing you are not hitching because there is no one out here to pick you up. Well maybe I would stop.