day three

well, it's been a crazy morning. the holidays are now officially over for this family. so far this morning, tenzin has: eaten copious amounts of mustard, sat in a roasting pan and thrown the phone into the toilet. but...he's also proven his great taste in music, had a good fit of giggles and is now napping.

wondering if this afternoon will be just as eventful. for now, i relax.


today's look is composed of:

liquidation world, about two months old
dress under dress: old navy, about two years ago ($30)
black ribbon around waist: found in bag of christmas wrapping stuff (free)

grand total:
about $35.08


Anonymous said...

Looks like someone out of Jane Eyre or Charles Dickens' books. Methinks you are pining for someone who is about to come across yonder hill.