day seven

way before morleythecat disappeared and met his fate a few months ago (whatever that may be...i like to think he's retired and living in florida), i decided i'd like to take a break from pets for a while. but kids like pets and they are kind of nice to have around. this is why i've discovered the perfect pet: the ladybug. they can get tenzin to eat an entire meal, stop a tantrum, plus they are easily replaceable since they pretty much all look the same. plenty of ladybugs have encountered death by a quick two-fingered pinch around here. also, they don't shed, bark, squawk, scratch, smell, or lick themselves and they can perform cool tricks like walking upside down.

when did your dog last do that?

today i'm wearing:

black dress under dress: smart set, about two years old ($30)

green tie around waist: from shirt my sister made (free)
hairband: about 50¢

grand total:
about $30.58


Anonymous said...

I love this photo! you are too cool!

diane said...

The problem is not that dogs lick themselves, it's that they usually lick you right after. Dog scrotum is yummy!