day twenty-five

greetings from the grave! i was just reading one of my college textbooks and am fairly certain i might have bored myself to death. seriously, why can't these things have plotlines? some juicy tidbits and captivating twists and turns would go a long way. there is no action or conflict and there is absolutely no sense of character development. in fact, there is a noticeable lack of characters altogether. neither protagonists nor antagonists; just such and such happened on such and such date. insert three-page-long table in 7-point font here. no flourish of language or quirky dialogue can be found. just try to memorize this large list of facts, please, without inflicting too large a bruise from the thunk your head makes when it inadvertently smacks the table. over and over again. there are no fascinating pictures or gripping hooks to keep me interested. not even a nice cover. and i do judge books by their covers. c'mon, they're an important part of the overall appeal.

so please, textbook writers, think of your audience the next time you try to write something for us. i am tired by the end of the day, once the baby's in bed and a full day's been had. please think of me when evening has come and i need to get some knowledge in this weary head.

well, at least you have a theme. i'll give you that much.


today's look while not really singing in the rain:

green top over dress: gifted and made by my sister three months ago (free)
striped socks: zellers, a year old ($5)
brown boots: zellers, two months ago ($20)
blue umbrella: old and broken, can't remember

grand total:

about $25.08