day twenty-two

i do not consider myself a practical person. so it came as no surprise to me that in the past couple of days i have been seriously thinking about changing another of the rules. i know there are only four three, but i told you i am indecisive. you see, all along i've kind of felt like i'm cheating having two dresses rather than one, so i've been mulling over the idea of just using the one (longer) dress. (you know, the one that doesn't just look like a long t-shirt because we ran out of material oops crap.) and i was all ready to just say screw it, i can just get along with one single dress for the next few months! how big a deal would it be to just handwash it at night and line dry it and hope to heck it dries by morning even if we don't have the woodstove on in the middle of spring?

and then reality set in, and i was reminded in one precise moment why i convinced myself before starting this experiment that two dresses were really the only (practical - ugh!) way to go. and that moment happened this evening when, while my long dress was drip drying on the rack after being washed today, i was holding tenzin fresh out of the bath and just about to be changed when...he peed all over my other dress.


today, before "the incident":

blue sweater over dress: secondhand (free)
blue scarf worn on head: donated by my mother-in-law for this project - thanks! (free)
blue beaded necklace: value village, around five years ago (about $10)
brown pants: secondhand (free)
socks: joe fresh ($2)

grand total:
about $12.08