day twenty-three

i unabashedly love the cbc. i spend the majority of my days with it on in the background. it's my link to the outside world, to nearby cities and provinces far away. day after day, it floats all around me on my grandmother's old radio that she used to listen to the same station. the hard-hitting stories. the current events. the witty, jovial banter. the great-catch interviews. the obscure music. the distinctly, sometimes nerdy, canadian voices. i love it all.

so when The Husband showed me
this link, i just knew i wanted to have it.

today's look while creeping around:

brown top over dress: giant tiger, about three years old
grey hat: really, really old (about $2)
brown corduroy pants: jeffrey rogers from england about ten years ago (about $30)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $122.08


Anonymous said...

Think of the poor kids in Haiti and donate the money!

mamachu said...

i have definitely already donated some of my own money to haiti and encourage everyone to do the same. but this project is also for charity - all proceeds raised from it will be going to almost home at the end of the six months. read all about it under my rules and faq pages.