day twenty-four

i seem to be on a bit of a walking kick lately. i'm not quite sure how it began. maybe being stuck in the house for days on end. anyway, it all started around springtime and although it's been a bit in fits and starts, i tend to go on some sort of walk most days. but my longest walk to date happened one day this past summer.

The Husband was supposed to be off work around 4 pm as usual, so i decided to put tenzin in the stroller around 3:30, thinking it would be a fun surprise to see and flag down his dad as he was driving down the street. i figured he could just swing off to the side of the road after about a 45-minute walk and drive us the rest of the way home whenever we saw him coming our way. what a fun little idea! so we set off walking. we passed the familiar turns in the familiar road, waved at the usual cows in the usual cow fields, and saw the normal houses we normally passed each day on our habitual walks.

as we strolled along, the sky started changing colour ever so slightly. sensing it was getting a bit later than i'd planned, i glanced occasionally at my watch, starting to notice that although time seemed to passing, the cars definitely weren't. kilometer after kilometer passed and i'd only seen about five cars, none of which contained The Husband. no worries! keeping a cheerful tone in my voice, i couldn't decide whether it was a good idea to just keep on walking or turn around and head home. it was 5:00, then 5:30, getting well past tenzin's dinnertime. i didn't have any food on me because, after all, weren't we supposed to be home, oh, an hour ago? no problem! remain cheerful!

sweat was starting to accumulate on my the small of my back, my arms and legs were starting to cramp, and the sun was starting to get that final blast of brilliance right before it starts to make its decent towards the horizon. this was still a good idea, right? we finally turned around, made our way back up the steep hills we'd come down a couple of hours previously, made our way right where before we'd turned left, and were about two kilometers from home when suddenly, finally, like an oasis on the horizon, The Husband pulled up and drove us the final couple of minutes we had left of our long journey. as it turned out, that workday was a fluke and he'd ended up working late. he'd called but of course no one was at home to get the message. oh, that's right, we were out walking a marathon.

the next time we were in the car, i measured out that our fun little adventure took us, oh, about 18 kilometers out of our way. needless to say, we didn't stray too far from home for the rest of the summer.


today's look while puttering around:

blue turtleneck under dress: old navy, about two years old ($15)
flowered top over dress: t-shirt i reconstructed from garage sale about nine months ago (50¢)
jeans: value village about five months ago ($20)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $110.58