day thirteen

i've always admired tough chicks. you know, the ones with gravelly voices, the ones whose looks drive right through you, the ones you wouldn't think of messing with. i am but a mere squirrel compared with these types of girls. the only time i have an interesting voice is if i'm hoarse with a cold. if i try to give an edgy look, people just ask me why i'm squinting. does my prescription need updating?

i did once look up professional pillow-fighting, thinking that was something i could get into, but really, i don't want to get hit in the face more than the next (average) girl. the girls who i think are really kickass are rollergirls. totally cool, yet they can kick your butt from here to next week and don't mind if you do the same to them in return. also, they have the coolest nicknames.

but alas, they are literal whereas i lean more towards literary. so i suppose my secret rollergirl nickname if i were to ever strap on a pair of skates would be warren pieces. okay, that's a guy's name, so maybe chupamacabra. 'cause i also like goats. (but not attacking them. or drinking their blood.)

today's conversation piece:

black long-sleeved t-shirt: old navy, about four years old ($15)
black dress under dress: old navy, about two years old ($30)
green t-shirt around waist (modified by me): thrifted (can't remember details)
smaller green tie around waist: from dressing gown (free)
black tights: (about $15)

grand total:
about $60.08


diane said...

I'd be careful if I were you, goats have been known to eat hats... they may even eat your brown dress! Vicious creatures really! Rabbits too! Hamsters are not to far behind...