day thirty

apart from the occasional rockabye baby cd (rock albums remade into lullaby format), we don't listen to kids' music in this house. the odd time we've tried changing over to a kid's music channel, invariable after, oh, less than three minutes, there is much discomfort in the ears and the station must be changed or a cd put on. it's not that there's anything wrong with kids' music per se, except for its extremely high annoyance factor for the adults that are subjected to it along with their kids.

so in this house, tenzin is soothed instead by the original voice of adele. the quirky sounds of feist. the storytellings of pink floyd. the funky beats of james brown. the timeless classics of bob marley. the canadian content of the tea party. the christmas jazz of diana krall. the pure genius of the eels.

and considering that the former barney singer who recently appearaed on american idol decided to portray herself as a dominatrix complete with whip, i'm pretty convinced he's not missing out on much.


today's look while cringing and plugging my ears:

black t-shirt under dress: liquidation world, about two months old ($5)

black dress under dress: smart set, about two years old ($30)
green t-shirt around waist (modified by me): thrifted (can't remember details)
smaller green tie around waist: from dressing gown (free)
grey tights (not visible): (about $15)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $125.08


Anonymous said...

You sure do wear those $75 winter boots from Aldo a lot - must be really cold where you are!