day five

so, i was told yesterday that by doing this project i am halfway to enlightenment. enlightenment, people! this is seriously the best news i've heard all week. apparently because i am a) doing something for others, and b) doing something creative i am supposedly on my way! the only problem is, i need to know what the other two steps are - otherwise i might end up in enlightenment purgatory forever.

let me just tell you that being only halfway to enlightenment without knowing how to get the full deal is kind of like driving all the way to ikea, searching forever for a parking spot, walking through the whole store, searching through all of the aisles, finding the box you need, waiting in a huge lineup to buy a massive piece of furniture, lugging it home, placing all of the pieces down to assemble it and...finding you're missing the damn allen key.

and to top it all off, doesn't being only half-enlightened in fact make me dim-witted?
today's hastily-put-together look is made up of:

brown long-sleeved shirt: value village, bought about a year ago (about $4)
jeans: stitches, about four years ago ($30)
brown boots: zellers, two months ago ($20)
black toque: handknit by me - ravelry pattern link (about $2)
grey wrist warmers: handknit by me - ravelry pattern link (about $2)
wood bead necklaces: stitches, about three years ago (about $5)

grand total:

about $63.04