day ten

psst...i have a confession to make. i have a bit of a bad habit that i'm trying to break: i like to swear. fine, it's really not that mindblowing, i know, but it's something i need to stop doing. very soon. before words can be understood and repeated by a certain little someone. i mean, it would be a bit embarassing if tenzin were to be sent home from school for uttering something naughty - and then stating in a sad voice that he didn't know it was bad; after all, he heard it from his very own mother.

not that i'd admit to that. ahem.

anyway, i've been trying to break my nasty little habit, but everyone knows exactly what words come to mind when you utter things like "sugar" and "shoot". plus they're just not satisfying. and honestly, they just sound really lame. so, i've finally come up with a great alternative that i'm going to try out.

instead of a substitute phrase, i realized that i needed a substitute action. something that shows emotion, can convey real mood, and  is just really, really satisfying. that's right, i'm going to try *jazz hands*! just think about it. you've had a terrible day, you're in a fowl mood, your husband walks through the door and asks how everything's going...and you bust out the "*jazz hands* great!"

can't wait to try it out.


today's look while peering into lockers is made up of:

black cardigan: fairweather about two years ago ($15)

brown corduroy pants: jeffrey rogers from england about ten years ago (about $30)

grand total:
about $45.08


The Husband said...

Is it not salsa hands?