day fifteen

i am a country transplant. is that how you say it? a city person, plucked from the bright lights and plunked into the countryside.  i'm pretty sure i landed on my head when i was plunked here about five years ago. i have quite a love/hate relationship with my surroundings as The Husband can greatly attest to. (can we all just bow our heads and take a moment for The Husband, please).

oh, the poor husband. it seems i went from loving my new surroundings to hating them to liking them to sort of reconciling myself to them in a way. i definitely don't miss my previous city. the problem is, i caught the traveling bug a while back - or, more accurately, the moving bug. it's hard for me to stay contented in one place for too long. i think i'm happy and then itchy feet set in and i get the urge to go somewhere anywhere other than where i am. so i am trying to keep everything in perspective and remain positive. after all, we're not going anywhere else anytime in the foreseeable future. so, instead i am focusing on all i've learned.

five years ago, i never would have fathomed i'd learn how to:

* put my hand in the mailbox and not freak out too horribly when a mouse stared back at me.
* go for a walk in the woods and actually enjoy it. although i still do shoulder-checks every few feet.
* chop firewood. although me wielding a hatchet? yikes. but on the plus side, it may help with my new year's resolution...
* stand out on the front porch at night and wonder which animal is making the rustling sound. but if they get too close, i still scream and run inside.
* adopt a goat for a week when he showed up randomly in our yard one day.

so, i suppose i can see the fun side of it all. plus, country people really are extra kind. but if i could ever hypnotize The Husband and magically end up in an apartment in paris (or london, or new york), i'd do it in an instant.

today's look while breaking the law while no one cares is made up of:

green hat: gifted about 20 years ago (free)

brown long-sleeved t-shirt: value village, bought about a year ago (about $4)
sequined belt: from accessorize in england about 15 years ago (about $15)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)
brown tights: (about $12)

grand total:
about $106.08


The Husband (with CAPS) said...

I think the term "city refugee" has been used for me.